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Why Choose Plastic Crate And Plastic Pallet?

Plastic Crates and Plastic Pallets are the most common transport and storage tools that are frequently used in almost all sectors. Unlike wooden cases and wooden pallets, Plastic Crates and Plastic Pallets offer exceptional transport and storage conditions for their products with their smooth surfaces, moisture and humidity, and their ability not to allow harmful organisms to live.

Plastic Crates and Plastic Pallets are easy to clean and extremely hygienic. Especially the use of hygienic pallets is preferred by many manufacturers recently. Plastic Crates and Plastic Pallets are not only long-lasting but also can be recycled by recycling. Plastic crates and plastic pallets are extremely resistant to impacts with their lightness and flexibility is preferred more and more every day.


Acl Plastic Packaging Ltd. Sti. In 2006, quality and hygienic products, customer satisfaction with the principle of keeping on the forefront 13 years in the domestic and international sales in the last 13 years we have raised every last bar.

In principle; We have embraced to be a company where our customers are much more trustworthy by providing a happy and efficient environment for all their employees and increasing the service quality in connection with this.

In 2006, we started our trading life with plastic bucket sale. In the meantime, we have brought together many food packaging such as injection products and aluminum foil products with our customers. At the same time, we continue to offer more alternatives with different sizes of plastic pallets, plastic cases and folding plastic containers.

ACL Plastics, plastic pallet and plastic cases, primarily by contacting the customer to determine the right needs of the customer. We offer the right product for both the existing product portfolio and special projects for the customer.

Plastic pallet group with all kinds of manufacturing companies, factories, warehouses; we are serving with suitable plastic pallet groups which can be used in exportation of trading companies. Our hygienic plastic pallets can be used and preferred by all food sector companies especially if they are suitable for food.

In line with the needs of our customers and the needs of the market, we have always committed ourselves to continue to provide the highest level of service without compromising our product diversity and quality policy.




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